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Monitoring & Evaluation

Expertise includes ex-ante, mid-term, on-going and ex-post evaluations of strategic EU and UN development activity.


Services evaluate public policy and financial investment proposals in different sectors. Staff have been members of expert committees synthesising high-level evaluations of UN, EU and national programmes.


In addition, the company has a special interest in results based research and training skill-sets include monitoring and evaluation best practices.

Specialisms in food and nutrition, regions and islands, tourism and nature, rural and urban, policies and projects. 

Examples of monitoring and evaluation work


  • Team Leadership for results-led mid-term evaluation of UNDP's SUTRA initiative in Bosnia & Herzegovina supporting post conflict reconciliation.

  • Ex-ante evaluation team member for Lithuania’s 2007-2013 Structural Fund Operational Programmes supporting industry, tourism, environment, infrastructure and innovation.


  • Results-oriented ex-post evaluator for a pan-European Business & Disability project funded by DG Employment promoting private sector solutions to social inclusion issues.


  • Results-based evaluation of the UNDP's strategic governance reform programmes within Georgia’s Ministry of Economy and other national authorities.

  • Project Leadership for a results-based evaluation of a long-term Public Administration Reform programme within the Parliament of Georgia and the Chamber Of Control of Georgia.


  • Advice and training for Poland’s National Aid Coordination Department on monitoring and evaluation control procedures for EU funding programmes supporting industry, tourism, environment, infrastructure, social capital, and innovation.


  • Evaluation of 40+ grant funding proposals submitted to a call by the INTERREG Baltic Sea region programme including local tourism initiatives, islands territorial planning, transnational cooperation, innovation, cultural heritage, and social services.

  • EU Structural Fund monitoring advisory services for the Romanian Ministry of Economy and Finance supporting industry, tourism, environment, infrastructure, social capital, and innovation.​

  • Team leadership of strategic research projects producing baseline studies advising EEA grant evaluators on culture and biodiversity in Poland.


  • Ex-ante appraisal of the economic, social and environmental benefits from 26 different rural development strategies submitted by LEADER- Local Action Groups in Lithuania covering bottom-up development, locally-led tourism, short-supply chains for food & forestry products, cultural heritage, and more.