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Tim Hudson Consultancy provides technical expertise at international and national levels. Clients cover organisations responsible for public policy and development finance, business and sustainable tourism, regions and islands, urban and rural, agri-food and nutrition, climate and biodiversity. This global work focuses on good practice techniques for international funding systems, particularly EU and UN support services. Results help clients to achieve sustainable development goals in socio-economic and environmental fields.


Offering more than 30 years experience, professional expertise extends across the life cycle of project, programme and policy financing (from design and set-up stages through to implementation, monitoring, closure and evaluation) as well as related analysis. Current themes comprise strategic and policy support for donors involved with resilience, agri-food, climate action, sustainable tourism, social equality, business growth, and more.

Work history includes: United Nations, European Investment Bank and European Commission public policy support contracts; advising governments and institutions on effective policy and financing systems; management of successful large-scale sustainable development funding programmes; international digital communication and global news syndication; putting bottom-up policy into practice; and all related research.

Qualified in regional and rural resource planning sciences as well as multi-media communications, Tim's international insights take in Caribbean isles, Southeast Asia, Central and Eastern Asia, the Caucasus, Western Balkans, EU Member States, the United Kingdom, and Mediterranean nations. Recent contracts cover The Maldives, Uzbekistan, all EU countries, as well as the wider European and Central Asia region.

​Tim has dual Luxembourgish and British nationality. His mother tongue is English and he continues to improve his understanding of French, Spanish, Lithuanian, and Luxembourgish languages.

  • 2019 - today  UN and EU Policy Best Practice & Communications 


  • 2015 - 2019  European Investment Bank Financial Instruments 


  • 2008 - 2015  EU Project Funding Best Practice & Communications 


  • 2007 - 2008  UNDP Advisory and Evaluation Consultancy 


  • 2004 - 2007  EU Accession Advisory and Evaluation Consultancy 


  • 2001 - 2004  EU Structural Fund Programme Management  


  • 1996 - 2001  Rural Community Development

  • 1986 - 1990  International News and Commercial Photography  

Government & Institutional Experience:

  • United Nations Development Programme and Food & Agriculture Organization

  • European Investment Bank Group


  • European Parliament and European Commission Services (DG AGRI, INTPA Team Europe, REGIO, ENV, CLIM, EMP, MARE)


  • Uzbekistan Ministry of Agriculture


  • Lithuanian Ministries of Finance and Agriculture


  • Poland’s National Aid Coordination Department


  • Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister’s Office


  • Romania's Ministry of Economy & Finance


  • Bosnia & Herzegovinian entity Ministries


  • Parliament of Georgia & the Chamber Of Control of Georgia


  • Scottish regional governments

Monitoring & Evaluation & Learning:


  • Ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post methodologies


  • Multi-country analysis

  • Team leader & independent expert


  • Expert Panel member


  • Results-oriented recommendations


  • Consultation & questionnaire techniques


  • Data analytics


  • EU & UN client services

  • KPI instruction manuals

  • Contracting MEL consultants

  • Logframe & Project Cycle training


  • Publicity including media information

Development & Funding Expertise:


  • Recovery and resilience investment


  • UN Sustainable Development Goals


  • Rural, urban, and island territories

  • Climate action and resource efficiency

  • Agri-food and nutrition 


  • Nature conservation

  • Infrastructure and services

  • European funding systems


  • InvestEU financing

  • Employment and social inclusion


  • Community-Led local Development


  • EU external aid

Communication & Journalism Skillset:


  • International communication strategies and campaigns

  • Technical, institutional & public relations journalism

  • Event reporting

  • Social media content

  • Editorial standards & guidance


  • Video and photography cameras, sound, editing, scripts & promotion


  • Large & diverse imagery library


  • Publications & infographics quality control

  • Website development


  • Supervising sub-contractors


  • Technical Assistance Terms of Reference and bid writing

  • 30+ years experience

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