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Government & Institutions

Public policy advice and technical assistance support provided for international donors including UN bodies, European Commission Services (Team Europe, Agriculture & Rural Development, Regional Policy, Environment, Climate, Employment, and Marine), European Parliament, European Investment Bank Group, and national government ministries.


The consultancy is experienced in providing practical policy support across a spectrum of international services such as:

  • knowledge sharing and building capacity;

  • promoting government reforms and aiding EU relations;

  • strategic planning, partnership cooperation, and evaluation.


Specialisms in food and nutrition, regions and islands, tourism and nature, rural and urban, policies, programmes, and projects.  ​

Examples of work with Government and Institutions


  • European Investment Bank Group's European Investment Advisory Hub - producing case study material explaining practical uses of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), Investment Platforms and urban development initiatives.

  • European Commission and European Investment Bank Group's fi-compass partnership project - promoting financial instrument capacity building activities for managing authorities of the EU funds investing in regions and islands, tourism and food, research, technology, and social capital.

  • Lithuania’s Ministry of Finance - long-term technical assistance for government managing authorities during Lithuania’s first national European Structural Fund Programme 2004-2006 supporting industry, tourism, environment, infrastructure, social capital, education, social inclusion, and innovation.​​


  • Romanian Ministry of Economy and Finance - EU Structural Fund advisory services explaining management systems for Romania's first national European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Operational Programme supporting industry, tourism, environment, infrastructure, and innovation.


  • Highlands & Islands Partnership Programme, Scotland, UK - EU Structural Fund Programme Management for this isolated and formerly disadvantaged region covering island groups, mountain ranges, tourist honeypots, urban zones, agricultural areas, forest plantations, cultural heritage, and nature.


  • UNDP Evaluation Office New York - expert panel political advice during an independent review of the ‘Assessment of Development Results’ (ADR) report concerning UNDP activities in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


  • UNDP Bosnia & Herzegovina - governance advisory services designing an action plan for building institutional capacity in strategic planning and policy development.



  • UNDP Serbia - policy advice and guidance to Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister’s Office in the field of EU Integration and programming of pre-accession funds.


  • UNDP Georgia - project leadership for a results-based evaluation of a long-term Public Administration Reform programme within the Parliament of Georgia and the Chamber Of Control of Georgia.


  • Lithuania’s Ministry of Agriculture - Evaluation of more than 25 Local Development Strategy proposals for Lithuania's first network of LEADER Local Action Groups covering rural community development, locally-led tourism, short-supply chains for food & forestry products, cultural heritage, and more.


  • Poland’s National Aid Coordination Department - applied advice on monitoring and evaluation control procedures for EU funding programmes.

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