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Government & Institutions

Public policy advice and technical assistance support provided for international donors including UN bodies, European Commission Services (Team Europe, Agriculture & Rural Development, Regional Policy, Environment, Climate, Employment, and Marine), European Parliament, European Investment Bank Group, and national government ministries.


The consultancy is experienced in providing practical policy support across a spectrum of international services such as:

  • knowledge sharing and building capacity;

  • promoting government reforms and aiding EU relations;

  • strategic planning, partnership cooperation, and evaluation.


Specialisms in food and nutrition, regions and islands, tourism and nature, rural and urban, policies, programmes, and projects.  ​

Examples of work with Government and Institutions

  • Content producer and strategic institutional advisory services at the European Commission's Contact Point for the EU Common Agricultural Policy Network (formerly European Network for Rural Development). Roles include policy implementation research, analysis, and communication of good practice approaches within the EU's largest public donor funding systems providing 387 billion euros supporting sustainable transition pathways for the agri-food, rural tourism, environment, and community development sectors.


  • European Investment Bank Group's European Investment Advisory Hub - producing case study material explaining practical uses of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), Investment Platforms and urban development initiatives.

  • European Commission and European Investment Bank Group's fi-compass partnership project - promoting financial instrument capacity building activities for managing authorities of the EU funds investing in regions and islands, tourism and food, research, technology, and social capital.

  • Lithuania’s Ministry of Finance - long-term technical assistance for government managing authorities during Lithuania’s first national European Structural Fund Programme 2004-2006 supporting industry, tourism, environment, infrastructure, social capital, education, social inclusion, and innovation.​​


  • Romanian Ministry of Economy and Finance - EU Structural Fund advisory services explaining management systems for Romania's first national European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Operational Programme supporting industry, tourism, environment, infrastructure, and innovation.


  • Highlands & Islands Partnership Programme, Scotland, UK - EU Structural Fund Programme Management for this isolated and formerly disadvantaged region covering island groups, mountain ranges, tourist honeypots, urban zones, agricultural areas, forest plantations, cultural heritage, and nature.


  • UNDP Evaluation Office New York - expert panel political advice during an independent review of the ‘Assessment of Development Results’ (ADR) report concerning UNDP activities in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


  • UNDP Bosnia & Herzegovina - governance advisory services designing an action plan for building institutional capacity in strategic planning and policy development.



  • UNDP Serbia - policy advice and guidance to Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister’s Office in the field of EU Integration and programming of pre-accession funds.


  • UNDP Georgia - project leadership for a results-based evaluation of a long-term Public Administration Reform programme within the Parliament of Georgia and the Chamber Of Control of Georgia.


  • Lithuania’s Ministry of Agriculture - Evaluation of more than 25 Local Development Strategy proposals for Lithuania's first network of LEADER Local Action Groups covering rural community development, locally-led tourism, short-supply chains for food & forestry products, cultural heritage, and more.


  • Poland’s National Aid Coordination Department - applied advice on monitoring and evaluation control procedures for EU funding programmes.

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